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AST Pro v5.1 (Auto Start Toyota)

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The emergency engine start kit AST Pro v5.1 is designed for:

1) Emergency engine start of Toyota and Lexus cars in case of lost keys or certification system malfunction.

2) Adaptation of Smart ECU to certification system of the car (new or used Smart ECU with a key bound to this block).

3) Smart keys registration.

AST Pro unit is used as temporary element for emergency vehicle transportation and not intended to use permanently.

Supported vehicles

Toyota / Lexus: supported all-new models of 2015-2019 with Smart keys 39, 88, 98, A8, A9, AA..

* AST Pro v5.1 can be connected either via the Smart ECU connector or the steering lock ECU connector.

The KIt

a) The autostart device;

b) OBD programmer;

c) Adapter to steering column lock actuator;

d) Set of SmartECU adapters with the control console;

e)The cable with the needle


1. Work with an AST PRO v5.1 device for an emergency start of Toyota / Lexus (-2019) (video)

2. Test of the Lexus RX 300 (2019) emergency start with AST PRO v5.1 device (video)

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